Wildlife @ Cania

Wildlife @ Cania

More than 150 different types of plant communities are found in this region, including brigalow forest, eucalypt woodland, cypress pine woodland, dry rainforest and grassland. Many of these Brigalow Belt plant communities are classed as threatened.

You can easily see two main types of vegetation in the gorge, though at least eight types have been identified. ‘Dry’ rainforest which fringes the cliff bases and extends down the gullies, is a rich green. In sharp contrast, grey-green eucalypt woodland is seen above the gorge and on the lower slopes.

Eucalypts dominate the woodland adjacent to Three Moon Creek and above the sandstone cliffs. With an understorey of native grasses, grasstrees and acacias, these woodlands are home to a great range of animal species as well, for example wallabies, (rat)kangaroos, reptiles and more than 150 species of birds.

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